Will Manchester United another mess next season?

Will Manchester United another mess next season?

Will Manchester United another mess next season?The International Champions Cup, Manchester United 1-4 defeat to Liverpool. The performance of Manchester United has been worrying from all the pre-season preparations. Both in terms of signings and tactics, they have fallen behind other competitors views from Maxbet Online.

Like many luxury clubs, Manchester United has a number of core players to participate in the World Cup, and many people have been playing in the semi-finals, so they have been on vacation after the World Cup. This time, going to the United States for training, Mourinho only took a small part of the main force and some young players. Originally, Mourinho wanted to practice the trident combination of Martial, Sanchez and Mata on the attack line, ready to use in the first few rounds of the season.

However, Sanchez first arrived in the United States about a week later because of the visa issue. When Sanchez arrived in the United States, Martial returned to France because of family matters. This way, it means that Mourinho wants to create an opportunity for the offensive combination. In the middle and defense, core players like Pogba and Matić are not there, so it is hard to say how the running-in effect is.

In preparation for the battle, Manchester United is also hitting the wall. This summer, Manchester United introduced some players in the first team, Fred and L.Grant to name a few. In fact, perhaps only one person can really improve Manchester United’s combat power. L.Grant is a complement to the goalkeeper’s position.


Manchester United target signings failed

Manchester United’s main signing targets include Perisic, Willian, Maguire and others who have made little progress. Inter Milan has confirmed that Perisic will remain in the team. Willian and Maguire are too difficult to buy. Although Manchester United is willing to pay a high price for them, there is no breakthrough in the transfer. As the transfer market closes, Manchester United’s signings will become more difficult. Mourinho said in an interview: “I hope the club can buy two more.” But I am afraid that the Red Devils have been difficult to complete Mourinho’s wishes.

Relatively speaking, Manchester United’s competitors have been strengthened. Manchester City retained the core lineup of the championship, but also introduced the former Premier League MVP Mahrez. Not to mention Liverpool, they introduced Alisson for £65 million, and they also introduced Shaqiri, Fabiano, Naby Keita, etc. The strength of the team has been significantly improved, they have become the popular team to compete for the title. Arsenal also completed several important signings early. Although Chelsea have a little less action, they have no Champions League mission in the new season, and the pressure is relatively small.

Under such a background, the prospects for Manchester United’s new season are worrying. Mourinho said last season that the strongest Manchester United will appear in the 2018/2019 season, but now it seems that without the support of signings, it all seems to be empty talk.

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