Manchester United has given Mourinho 300 million. Why complain?

Manchester United has given Mourinho 300 million. Why complain? According to Sports Betting Malaysia, Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho became the “protagonist” of the Premier League coming season, and the famous coach broke out with amazing words, which also attracted controversy and criticism. In particular, his recent dissatisfaction with the Manchester United lineup and signings has attracted criticism.

Earlier, when talking about the Manchester United lineup and signings, Mourinho said: “A few months ago, I listed a list of five people for the club’s top management. I am waiting to see if I can get one of them. It is best to be able to achieve (buy these players), otherwise we will continue to work hard and trust the players I can use.”

In this regard, “The Sun” issued a document questioning him: Manchester United has given you 300 million pounds, what else can you complain about?

“The Sun” said in the article: “Although Mourinho always shouted ‘I lack funds’, but in fact, since he took over Manchester United coach position, From the Top 6 team of the Premier League (Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham ranked second in net spending.) From the summer of 2016 to the present, Manchester United has invested 386 million pounds for signings, selling players to recover 80.5 million pounds and net investment of 302 million pounds.”


Manchester United has given Mourinho 300 million. Why complain? 2

“This number is second only to Manchester City’s £388 million investment, which means that as long as Manchester United make another big deal , they will be equal to Manchester City’s net spending. ”

“And, they will definitely ignore everyone’s expectations before the season. It is unequivocally said that Manchester United does not have a player level above Manchester City. In the Premier League last season, they ended up being 19 points behind Manchester City.”

The comparison with other clubs

“Meanwhile Liverpool’s crazy shopping spree, they buy in both the most expensive defenders and goalkeeper in history, but their signing strategy is very savvy, accounting for the sale of Coutinho’s funds, their net investment is only 114 million pounds. ”

“Chelsea’s net investment is £168 million, Arsenal is £161 million, and Tottenham is only £76 million, which is far below Manchester United’s investment.”

“In contrast, Manchester United, Mourinho bought Pogba with a record £89 million and bought Lukaku for £75 million, all of which were large-capacity purchases, and Bailey bought at more than £30 million.”

“Manchester United’s problem is not how much it costs, nor how much money is missing. Mourinho’s defensive mentality makes him alienated from the fans, his attitude towards the players makes the team morale dangerous. He can just point at it as he pleases. He has always been like this. One of his pleasures is that he can speak to the competition and the media without any restrictions.”


Manchester United has given Mourinho 300 million. Why complain? 3

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