Premier League Top Five Manager the stories so far

Premier League Top Five Manager the stories so far 1


Premier League Top Five Manager the stories so far in the 2018/19 season, the Premier League has already played four rounds. The British “Daily Mail” commented on the coaches of several Premier League teams based on the performance so far from Sports Betting Malaysia.


In terms of players, Mourinho is adjusting the lineup every game, and he seems to have no consistency in the selection. Mourinho’s attitude towards the game remained basically the same, although he tried the 3-3-3-1 formation in the 0-3 loss to Tottenham, but this formation was quickly eliminated, the Portuguese seems that a fixed lineup or formation has not yet been found.

Physical coach Faria was once a buffer between the team and Mourinho, but Faria has left, and Mourinho seems to have a cold relationship with some of his players. The differences between Pogba and Mourinho have already hinted at the possibility of Pogba’s departure, which may be the key to determining the success of Manchester United.

Manchester United’s problem this season is on the back line, it is difficult for the team to get support through such a loophole defense line. Only the most optimistic Manchester United fans will believe that Manchester United will be like Sir Alex Ferguson under the leadership of Mourinho.

When Manchester United did not win, Mourinho was like a beggar on the edge. Only a series of victories can give him a chance to breathe, and Pogba’s soap operas show no signs of any solution.

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Guardiola did not seem to make any major tactical adjustments, but his young team had a deeper understanding of his ideas and were familiar with each other on the field. He is very determined about his method and refuses to compromise, so Manchester City should not have much change.

Guardiola once said that his players can hate him, but they have not done so. If there is a crack inside the team, it will be reflected when they lose. But there is no such danger at the moment. In the game, Guardiola is always moving, he stood up from his seat and gestured to the players.

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The biggest change in Klopp this season is his newcomers. Players like to play for Klopp, and his management of the team is considered the best. He treats his team like an adult.

Despite the good start, Liverpool’s performance is not so good. The upcoming schedule will be a nightmare for them, they will face Tottenham, Paris, Chelsea, Naples and Manchester City in October.

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The freedom that Sarri brought to his players was a perfect substitute for the strict control of Conte. Four wins in four games and the style of Chelsea also prove this. But despite their energy, Sarri still faces a severe test.

But the club is confident in their new coach and enjoys his football. The Blues have some excellent players, and Sarri gives them the freedom to play. Sarri has harvested a perfect start. He has enjoyed the life of the Premier League so far, and convincing Hazard to renew his contract is his top priority.

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Emery is considered a more pragmatic coach than Wenger, but in fact, the first four games exposed Arsenal’s old flaws in the defense, the team needs time to adapt to the changes brought by Emery.

Arsenal’s game this season is not boring, Emery’s team has been playing very open in the first four games, they scored some goals, but also lost three goals. He will have enough time for the players to adapt and build their own style in the Premier League. It is imperative to make Cech more comfortable and strengthen the team’s defense.





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