British media shelled Barcelona shameless with dirty tricks

British media shelled Barcelona shameless 1


British media shelled Barcelona shameless with dirty tricks Sports Betting Malaysia Manchester United star Pogba has been the focus of transfer rumors, and Barcelona has always been considered his passionate pursuer. In the interview, Suarez also publicly welcomed Pogba to join Barcelona.

The British media “Manchester Evening News” published a criticism of Barcelona, ​​they believe that Barcelona is now like the corner of Liverpool’s Coutinho, so the technique of re-excavation angle Pogba.

It is very shameless to let players build momentum in front of the media before the club trading negotiations begin or are completed.

Suarez welcome Pogba to Barcelona

Suarez talked about the prospect of Barcelona signing Pogba in the Q&A of Catalonia Radio RAC1, which has occupied more than a month of media headlines. When asked about such a question, the player will give a very ‘diplomatic’ answer, such as talking about other club players is immoral. But Suarez is not, he further talked about the future of Manchester United midfield.

Suarez said: “Pogba is a very good player and has won everything. He has great strength. Now he is also one of the cores of Manchester United. I think he will want more honors than now. Pogba is not a Barcelona player now, but he will be very popular here.” Just a week ago, Pique admitted that he was very willing to see Pogba wearing a Barcelona jersey.

British media shelled Barcelona shameless 2


These things are reminiscent of Barcelona’s purchase of Coutinho earlier this year. Last summer, Liverpool firmly left Coutinho as a valuable asset to the club, but ultimately did not prevent Coutinho from moving in January.

Suarez and Paulinho have also repeatedly invited Coutinho. Not only active players, but also Harvey, Rivaldo, these famous places in the media kept talking about this matter. Barcelona’s sponsor Nike even revealed that Coutinho was already a Barcelona player before the transfer was completed.

So, should we be shocked by Barcelona’s current move? Amor, the technical director of Barcelona, ​​even admitted that he had contacted Griezmann last season, and he also expressed his obligation to contact the players. For a team that advertises the image of ‘not just a club, their behavior is shameless. So when they turn their attention to Pogba, we may not be surprised by their behavior.

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