Chelsea exposed weakness, impossible to compete Man City Liverpool

Chelsea exposed weakness, impossible to compete Man City Liverpool 1

Chelsea exposed weakness, impossible to compete Man City Liverpool. Chelsea have won 7 unbeaten victories in the league since the start of the new season. Now they are ranked third with 17 points. The Blues, who have been chasing closely with Manchester City and Liverpool, have been praised for their time and become the favourites. However, a victory over the weaker Videoton in the UEFA Europa League bring Chelsea and fans back to reality. A question is on the paper at this time – is Chelsea’s lineup really able to compete for the league title with Manchester City and Liverpool ? Question by Maxbet Online

I have to admit that Chelsea’s achievements in the Premier League this season are enviable. They are among the unbeaten leagues in the new season, including the 3-2 victory over Arsenal and the last moment of Liverpool’s game. Sarri injects Chelsea into the soul of beautiful football, and the Blues have successfully transformed from a defensive team to an offensive team. In the 7 rounds of the league, Chelsea scored 15 goals and lost only 5 goals. The data is also good enough.

However, don’t forget that this is the result of Chelsea’s main players. It is obviously unrealistic to play the world in a marathon league with only one lineup. At this time, the bench players need to be in a timely manner, but at the Stamford Bridge Stadium against Videoton, when it is the turn of the Blues bench players, their performance is a concern for Chelsea’s prospects this season. And this is the biggest goal of Chelsea on the road to the Premier League championship.

Chelsea exposed weakness, impossible to compete Man City Liverpool 2

In the starting lineup of Sarri’s campaign, except for the keeper and Kovacic, the other players are not the main force of the Blues. Especially on the defense line, Emerson, Christensen, Cahill and Zappacosta are hard to get a starter opportunity. Midfielder’s Fabregas and Loftus-Cheek are regulars on the bench. Pedro and William are vying for one. The position of the starting winger, the first battle of Morata is now playing a healthy competition with Giroud. The vast majority of players on the show are the bench players who have been in the game for a long time.

Let’s take a look at their performance. Although the tridents of Pedro, Morata and Willian were active, they failed to create several decent opportunities, and Morata shot the single-handed ball again. Fabregas is the initiator of the goal, but his running ability has dropped significantly, and the spirituality on the field is no longer the same. Kovacic and Cheek have several bright performances, which guarantee the team midfield. Strength. The two full-backs are quite single and cannot play the role of Alonso and Azpilicueta. Christensen and Cahill have been stunned by opponents many times.

Overall, Chelsea’s lineup can’t be defended, and it’s very worrying to watch. At any time, it is possible for the opponent to score. Videoton created a lot of opportunities in this campaign. If it wasn’t for Nego’s consecutive shots that were saved by the keeper, it would be unclear whether Chelsea could win.

In the 54th minute of the game, Sarri “enlarged the move” to let Chelsea king Hazard appear, hope to use the eight games to create 9 goals Belgian to help Chelsea knock on the door to victory. This also reflects the fact that Chelsea’s “Hazard dependency” is still continuing. The players who made their debut in this campaign do not have the ability to decide one game. However, Hazard has participated in as many as nine games this season, so the “dead” Belgian does not look good, fatigue accumulation is likely to cause Hazard injury, then Chelsea’s strength is bound to be greatly reduced.

Chelsea exposed weakness, impossible to compete Man City Liverpool 3
The lineup of Liverpool and Manchester City is more balanced and powerful

It seems that Chelsea’s bench players are hard to compare with Liverpool and Manchester City. Liverpool’s bench has the plug-and-play, long-awaited savage of Shaqiri, Sturridge, Henderson, Nabil-Keta and Chamberlain. Manchester City’s lineup is more luxurious and can compete in multiple lines. The situation of the crown, even the absolute core injury of De Bruyne, Guardiola’s bench also has a star waiting to be put on the battle, and will not affect the team’s immediate strength.

The strength of the bench player is crucial for a multi-line team, which is the most important factor in determining a team’s lower limit. It seems that the lower limit of Liverpool and Manchester City is significantly higher than Chelsea. The Blues want to use this lineup in the Premier League to compete Manchester City and Liverpool, it seems that its impossible at the moment.


Chelsea exposed weakness, impossible to compete Man City Liverpool 4

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