Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson 1

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson. Chelsea and Tottenham’s London Derby are the most important dialogues in the Premier League this round. However, not many people can think of it, this turned out to be a one-sided game. Chelsea’s 1-3 defeat score does not seem to be disparity, but from the scene and process, if Spurs can eventually win with a bigger score, it is not too surprising. Sarri had the first defeat after he came to the Premier League. His formations ushered in the biggest doubts since the start of the game.

After taking over the position from Conte, Sarri once suffered a lot of doubts, but through the rapid transformation of Chelsea, the team achieved results in both the scene and the results. Before the game, Chelsea is currently the only team in the five major leagues in Europe that has not lost in all competitions. Returning from the international match day, Sarri did not make too many adjustments in the start against Tottenham, and in the face of the vital Tottenham, Chelsea paid a painful price.

Tottenham show their class

From the start of the game, Tottenham showed Chelsea his own strong pressure, and Chelsea was difficult to fight through constant rush and advancement. The game only went to the 8th minute, and Alli hit the ball with a hit and completely controlled the rhythm of the game. After Son Heung-min missed the opportunity, Kane’s header expanded the score. Chelsea was completely panicked, and Keeper’s roar of the defense became a microcosm of the team’s status. In the second half, Son Heung-min’s wonderful solo effort ended the game, Chelsea just scored a goal from Giroud at the last moment, and saved the face a little.

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson 2
Son Heung-min solo performance

After the game, Sarri admitted to Maxbet Malaysia that the team currently has a big problem, hoping to solve the problem through training; but he also believes that the team does not have much time, because the frequency of the Premier League is really too high. So in the face of such a high-intensity Premier League, how did Sarri do it before?

After 13 rounds of the Premier League, Chelsea actually had as many as five players playing all 13 games, accounting for nearly half of the starting lineup. In addition to goalkeeper Arrizabalaga, Luiz, Azpilicueta, Alonso and Kante have not rested in the league for a minute. In addition to the five of them, Rüdiger and Joginho are also on the field. Starting. In the Premier League, which is known for its fast pace, the loss of physical strength is even greater. Although it has remained undefeated in the previous game, the problem of physical strength has always been a concern for the team.

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson 3

Sarri formation in doubt

And these are finally outbreaks in the game with Tottenham: Chelsea can’t regain control of the scene, and Luiz, who is trusted by Sarri, has a relationship with three goals conceded. The performance of Giroud on the bench is better than the starter. Morata is better. Rotation can give players a break and drive competition between players, but Sarri doesn’t seem to like it. During the coaching in Napoli, the Italian coach had a similar problem.

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson 4
Sarri didn’t like to sustitute his player a lot

At the same time, Sarri used all 4-3-3 formations in all competitions this season, and insisted on using Jorginho as a single midfielder. He has completed 52 passes, the success rate is 82.7%, and his season average is 95.2 passes and 91% success rate. In the match with Manchester United and Liverpool, the performance of Jorginho is not as good as usual. In the face of a strong impact team, he is not so comfortable with a single midfielder, but Sarri did not make too many adjustments. For the tactical stubbornness, Sarri finally tasted the taste of failure. Manchester City and Liverpool have at least two formations.

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson 5
Sarri love using 4-3-3 formation

The Premier League is a long round of 38 rounds. It is difficult to get good grades by relying on a lineup and style of play. Regardless of physical strength, the power will be greatly reduced after being studied by the opponent. In the Conte era, Chelsea’s 3-4-3 formation took a day, but in the later period, it was far worse than before. This defeat to Tottenham has a strong warning to Sarri, and then, the more cruel Christmas schedule is coming. What kind of results can Sarri’s Premier League achieve in the first season, and it will probably play a decisive role in the next month. To know that he lost such a goal, Chelsea has fallen to fourth places.

Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson 6


Chelsea is finally crushed! Spurs taught Sarri a lesson 7

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