Dominations! Arsenal 11-winning streak Emery makes you forget Wenger

Dominations! Arsenal 11-winning streak Emery makes you forget Wenger 1

Dominations! Arsenal 11-winning streak Emery makes you forget Wenger. Playing two games in three days, under such a high-intensity schedule, whether Arsenal can maintain the winning streak is the focus of many people’s concerns. Now that the two games have come to a close, Arsenal also gave the answer with two wins. At this point, Arsenal’s winning streak has come to 11 games.

For Arsenal, Portugal is definitely not a good place to play. In history, Arsenal has been a guest of Portugal six times. The first was in 1991, and the most recent was in 2010. It only achieved a record of 3 draws and 3 losses, and it did not win. In the six Portuguese game, Wenger led the team to participate in 4 games, 1 draw and 3 losses. This time against Sporting, facing the strongest opponent in the Europa League’s own group, Emery’s Arsenal gave a different answer.

Dominations! Arsenal 11-winning streak Emery makes you forget Wenger 2

The spirit of Emery era

Although its a small win, but this makes Arsenal’s winning streak continue, and now has reached the domineering 11 games. From the two game losing streak at the beginning of the season to the current 11 game winning streak, it is not wrong to describe the current Arsenal. At least, the 11 game winning streak is here, enough to make the current football marvel. If you don’t see it, it is as strong as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, and PSG. Arsenal has won such a winning streak in the fierce competition in England, which is undoubtedly worthy of praise.

Since the arrival of Emery, Arsenal’s transformation has been comprehensive. On the spiritual level, Arsenal in the Wenger era is recognized as “soft”, and now Arsenal is confident. Iwobi bluntly said to Sports Betting Malaysia “Emery gave us the confidence to show us and let us believe in our ability.” From “soft” to “strong”, this is the spiritual change of Arsenal.

On the tactical level, Emery let Arsenal’s lineup no longer be offensive and defensive, and find the most important key point – balance.  After Torreira came to the team, I can play the game in my way. My position can be even higher. His defense and confrontation are strong, his movement and direction. The former ability is also very good, which helps our offensive and defensive balance.

On the training level, Emery has always been known for being strict. Nowadays Arsenal players are repeatedly mentioned in the interview, Emery’s requirements are very demanding, training is no longer a response, but the actual players are honing. This change is the fundamental driving force behind the continued progress of Arsenal.

Under various factors, Arsenal has changed differently. The ills of the Wenger era began to be wiped out, and a new weather of Arsenal began to be born. Under a wave of 11 consecutive victories, Arsenal’s Premier League is only two points away from the top position. The next two rounds will be Crystal Palace and Liverpool. Now, they have begun to fantasize about things they didn’t dare to think about. Regardless of the final achievement of this Arsenal this season, but at least one thing is certain, now the Gunner fans can officially say goodbye to Wenger, because Emery’s Arsenal is more hopeful.


Dominations! Arsenal 11-winning streak Emery makes you forget Wenger 3

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