English Premier League declare war on football vampires

Premier League declare war on football vampires 1


English Premier League declare war on football vampires. Today’s football agents have become a force to be reckoned with. Through player transfers, renewals, commercial contracts, etc., brokers have received a large commission from major clubs, dubbed by the fans as ‘blood sucking vampires’.

This situation may be ushered in. The Premier League players will soon be forced to pay broker commissions instead of paying by the club.

The latest report from Sky Sports said that the Premier League’s top official will meet on Thursday to discuss how to change the broker’s commission payment method, and the players themselves will pay for the bill. Although such reforms may lead players to ask for higher salaries, the club believes this can curb rising broker fees.

Premier League declare war on football vampires 2


Agent Commission is a burden

According to statistics, last season, football agencies received more than 220 million pounds of income from football clubs in England and Wales, and the clubs suffered. If this reform is successful, it will bring about a very big change.

For example, in the transaction of Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United, the two clubs paid a total of 41 million pounds to the super broker Raiola. After the reform, the money will be paid by Pogba himself, not by the two clubs.

The Premier League has also set up a special working group and hired some of the top lawyers, hoping that such reforms will not violate the legal provisions. In addition, they are considering more radical reforms, including working with FIFA to change the existing system. The proposal includes the introduction of broker qualification review.

Transactions within the UK must be conducted through a UK local account, providing a business report to the FA each year, prohibiting brokers from negotiating on behalf of players and clubs, etc. In short, the issue of this reform is definitely not a good thing for brokers who want to ‘blood suck’.


Premier League declare war on football vampires 3


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