Going forward! Liverpool winning horn has sounded

Going forward! The Red Army winning horn has sounded 1


Going forward! Liverpool winning horn has sounded. Maxbet Online English Premier League has ended four rounds for this season. So far, a total of three teams have maintained a winning streak. Liverpool and Chelsea have both made great progress and beat four opponents in succession. The other four-game winning streak Team Watford defeated Tottenham in the fourth round, which is the perfect start for the first time in the history for the Hornet.

Liverpool starts four straight

Liverpool gained a strong impetus through signings this summer. After joining Keita, Keita seamlessly connected with Liverpool in just a few games. Now he has become the most stable part of Liverpool’s midfield, and can advance the offense and retreat. The defensive interception, and the four games that Alisson guarded were only conceded once, and the only ball that was lost was caused by his own mistake. Shaqiri and Fabinho could only stand by at the bench. The Brazilian Fabinho, who played very well in Morocco, hasn’t even been started in Anfield for a minute now, which reflects the overall strength of Liverpool.

Liverpool Premier League’s opponent in the first battle is the West Ham, facing the Hammers, Liverpool gave the opponent a 4-0 defeat, in this game Mane scored two goals in the game, another African gods Salah also scored a goal. In the second round facing Crystal Palace, Mane once again broke the opponent’s goal and helped the team to win the opponent 2-0. In the third round, facing Brighton, Salah caught the opponent’s defense mistake and finalise the game with the only goal in the game. The latest fourth round of the Red Army expedition against Leicester, and Mane opened the door to victory for the team. Liverpool made a four-game winning streak. The biggest hero of this is the Senegalese Black King, who scored four goals in four games, averaging 1 goal per game.

Going forward! The Red Army winning horn has sounded 2

The Pharaoh and the Siege Machine

Last season, Salah transferred to Liverpool from AS Roma. At that time, no one could have imagined that the Egyptian guy turned into a Pharaoh. He  slammed 32 goals and beat Kane to grab the Premier League Golden Boots. Under the radiance of the Pharaoh. Last season, from Southampton to Liverpool’s Mane, it took only one season to become Liverpool’s killer. And he is also a major contributor to help Liverpool rush into the Champions League. Behind Salah, also from Africa, the starlight of Mane is covered by the great aura of Pharaoh.

Last season’s Champions League final, Salah was injured by Real Madrid defender Ramos, causing dislocation of his shoulders. The Red Army who lost the most powerful legs lost their direction, except for the hot black diamond, Mane. In the second half, Karius’s inexplicable mistake led to the loss of the ball. Mane opened a crazy personal offensive performance. He also helped Liverpool recover a point. Unfortunately, the situation has already gone. Real Madrid still beat the Red Army 3-1 to complete the Champions League.

Going forward! The Red Army winning horn has sounded 3


This season, Mane continues to use his perfect play to tell all the Anfield crowds that Merseyside is not only a mysterious force from Africa, but if Pharaoh is the sword that penetrate the enemy’s heart, then he is the strongest and most mad siege hammer in the face of adversity. With the perfect play of the first four games, Mane has won the best player of the Premier League in August, and he deserves a four-game winning streak.

Liverpool’s Devil Trident has shown horror strength last season, this season, accompanied by super midfielder Keita, also Liverpool’s fantasy offensive line, in the new season, with the team’s new aid and the outstanding performance of the Red Army’s Long March is bound to lead to a happy ending.




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