Guardiola made another real gem! Portugal’s post Ronaldo era star

Guardiola made another real gem! Portugal’s post Ronaldo era star 1

With a stronger overall, Portugal quickly equalized the score and overtake, and finally defeated the Polish team. In the absence of Ronaldo, the midfielder Bernardo Silva, who played for Manchester City, performed well and led the team to play a more efficient team. From the performance of this season, the 24-year-old has the potential to become the helmsman of the post C.Ronaldo era leading the Portuguese team.

In this game, the Portuguese sent the “Silva Trident” composed of Bernardo, Rafa and Andre. At the beginning of the game, the three Silva constantly sought cooperation. In the 14th minute, Bernardo Silva made a cross from the right and Rafa Silva missed the ball. After the Polish team lead the game, Bernardo organized the team to fight back. In the 19th minute he went straight to Andre Silva, but the latter hit the goal with his right foot. Since then, the Bernardo have been sent straight to the teammates for many times, but unfortunately they have not been converted into goals.

Guardiola made another real gem! Portugal’s post Ronaldo era star 2
Bernardo Silva solo effort and goal

The opportunity given to his teammates failed to turn into a goal, and Bernardo Silva would also choose to try to break the goal. In the 53rd minute, Bernardo Silva took the ball on the right side of the field and continually got rid of the defensive player along the opponent’s restricted area line. He shot the left foot of the goal from the left foot near the top of the restricted area arc, despite Fabianski’s making. To the maximum extent, but still failed to block the ball into the net. It can be seen from this goal that Bernardo Silva’s technique and shooting skills are very exquisite, and the ball is sent to the opponent’s goal almost by one person. The Maxbet Malaysia wrote: “From 40 yards away from the goal… Run… hit the door! Bernardo Silva scored a wonderful goal for Portugal!”

After the game, Bernardo Silva scored 7.9 points, second only to his teammate Andre Silva. Throughout the game, the Portuguese team performed six or seven player positions and Bernardo Silva took the ball and observed the tactics. It is obvious that he is already the absolute tactical core. According to OPTA statistics, Bernardo Silva scored the highest number of scoring opportunities for the Portuguese team in 2018. He has 2 successful passes in this game, 3 threats to pass the ball, the pass success rate reached 91.8%, is the second highest among the Portuguese team’s starting players.

In the absence of De Bruyne in the new EPL season, Guardiola gave Bernardo Silva more opportunities, the 24-year-old Portuguese also successfully seized the opportunity, not only from the bench to promote the main force, but also gradually become the key to the big man in the Manchester City. Especially when David Silva and Bernardo Silva are present, although they are not comparable to the power of David Silva + De Bruyne, the young Bernardo is also very good. From the beginning of the doubts, Manchester City fans gradually developed toward the evaluation direction of “43 million pounds can bring Bernardo is simply robbery”.

Guardiola made another real gem! Portugal’s post Ronaldo era star 3

According to the data of the “Transfer Market” website, only the 24-year-old Bernardo is worth in the Portuguese team, second only to Ronaldo, ranking second in the team. In other words, Bernardo is promising to become the biggest player in Portugal, as C Ronaldo gradually fades out of the national team. In the post C.Ronaldo era, Bernardo Silva, wearing the No. 10 jersey from Portugal, is likely to become the new core of the team.


Guardiola made another real gem! Portugal’s post Ronaldo era star 4

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