Manchester City 6-0 victory over Chelsea

Manchester City 6-0 victory over Chelsea

Aguero hat trick
The 2018/19 season Premier League 26th round of a focus battle at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City 6-0 victory over Chelsea, Aguero scored a hat trick, and Sterling scored twice and Gündoğan scored. After Manchester City’s three-game winning streak, they topped the list, and Chelsea lost their first four games after losing three straight games.

  Manchester City doubled Chelsea last season and won the Community Shield Cup at the beginning of the season. Chelsea has won only one game in Manchester City in the past five times. The history of the Premier League in the history of the game, 43 games, Chelsea 25 wins, 7 draws and 11 losses prevail, including 12 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses. The history of the two sides confronted 159 games, and Chelsea’s 65 wins, 39 draws and 55 losses prevailed. Pedro and Rüdiger took turns. Manchester City rotates three people, and Sterling, Zinchenko and De Bruyne are playing in rotation.

Surrey and Guardiola
Sterling takes the lead

  Manchester City took the lead in the 4th minute, De Bruyne passed the free kick, Bernardo blocked the right side of the restricted area and then deflected. Sterling’s small restricted area shot into the net. This is his first goal against Chelsea in nearly 11 league matches. Manchester City almost expanded the score in the 8th minute, Bernardo broke back to the left side of the penalty area, Sterling Middle Road missed the ball, Aguero small right side of the restricted area facing the empty door shot.

Aguero missed the opportunity
Sterling scored in 4 minutes
Aguero scores

  Sports betting malaysia. Hazard’s shot into the left side of the penalty area was blocked. Manchester City scored 2 goals to expand the score. In the 13th minute, Zinchenko passed the ball. Aguero scored 25 yards into the upper right corner, 2-0. In the 19th minute, Barkley headed the ball and made a mistake. Aguero shot into the net before the restricted area, 3-0. Aguero scored 8 goals in the last 6 games and became the sixth player to score 200 goals in the Premier League for the single club. The previous five players were Rooney, Giggs, Henry, Lampard and Gerrard.

Barkley assists, Aguero scores once again
Aguero scored twice
Solskjær was watching the match
Gündoğan Long Shot

  Hazard returned, Barkley’s outer arc on the edge of the penalty area missed the upper right corner. In the 25th minute, Aguero was blocked by Rüdiger in the penalty area. Unguarded Gündoğan shot into the lower right corner of the restricted area arc, 4-0. Chelsea lost four goals in the top league for the first time since December 1990. Chelsea missed the opportunity in the 28th minute, Higuain passed the ball, Pedro 12 yards single-shot shot was rescued by Emerson. After 1 minute, Hazard passed the ball and Pedro shot the right side of the penalty area and was confiscated.

Gündoğan scored

  4 goals leading Manchester City slowed down the rhythm control game, Chelsea stepped up counterattack. Alonso made a cross from the left and Higuain’s shot was blocked by Laporte. Barkley passed the ball and Higuain’s shot at the top of the restricted area was blocked. Pedro headed the ball and Higuain volleyed 25 yards from the right and was saved by Emerson.

Sterling made a foul on Azpilicueta and won the penalty
Aguero took a penalty kick and finished the hat trick.

  The two sides did not make adjustments in the second half. In the 51st minute, De Bruyne made a cross from the left and Aguero scored a goal from the edge of the penalty area. Kovacic replaced Barkley. In the 56th minute, Sterling’s left side of the penalty area was smashed by Azpilicueta, and Aguero made a penalty shot, 5-0. Aguero scored 9 goals in the last six games, this is his 17th Premier League goal this season, tied the top scorer Salah. This is also his 11th hat trick in the Premier League, which tied with Shearer.

Aguero had a hat trick

  De Bruyne scored a free kick from 22 yards and was saved by Kepa. Sterling passes the ball, and Aguero’s left side of the penalty area misses the top left corner. Kante passes, and Hazard’s shot from the left side of the penalty area is also close to the corner. Aguero was replaced by Jesus and the fans stood up and applauded. Cheek also replaced Pedro. Fernandinho long shot was confiscated by Kepa. Jesus passed the ball, Mahrez just replaced De Bruyne in the restricted area on the right side of the oblique shot. Emerson also replaced Alonso.

Surrey was looking his watch

  Sterling passed the ball, and Jesus broke through to the left corner of the small restricted area and was blocked by Kepa and missed the far corner. Silva replaced Fernandinho . Emerson’s 20-yard free kick was directly confiscated. In the 80th minute, Silva passed straight, and Zinchenko passed the ball on the left. At the front of the heat, the ball missed the ball. Sterling shot into the net from the edge of the penalty area, 6-0.

Sterling  scored twice
Sterling scored twice
After fiasco Hazard was frustrated
After the match finished Zola shaking hands with Guardiola
Agüero took the ball for the game

  Manchester City (4-3-3): 31-Ederson ; 2-Walker, 5-Stones, 14-Laporte, 35-Zinchenko ; 8-Gündoğan, 25-Fernandinho (75′, 21-Silva), 17-De Bruyne (68′, 26-Mahrez); 20-Bernardo, 10-Agüero (65′, 33-Jesus) 7- Sterling

  Chelsea (4-3-3): 1-Kepa; 28-Azpilicueta, 2-Rüdiger , 30-Luiz, 3-Alonso (73′, 33-Emerson); 7 – Kante, 5-Jorginho, 8-Bakley (52′, 17-Kovačić ); 11- Pedro (65′, 12-Cheek), 9-Higuaín, 10- Hazard

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