Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal

Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal 1
Martial celebrates breaking

The 15th round of the Premier League 2018/2019 season ushered in a focus war. Manchester United played against Arsenal at Old Trafford. In the end Manchester United 2-2 draw at home Arsenal. Martial and Lingard contributed to the Red Devils, and for Asenal, Mustafi and Lacazette. After the game, Manchester United suffered four rounds of the league, and Arsenal maintained 13 unbeaten in the league.

Spots betting Malaysia, The two sides have had 227 matches in history. Manchester United 96 wins, 50 draws and 81 losses. The two teams have played 52 times in the Premier League, 24 wins, 15 draws and 13 losses. Arsenal’s last defeat in Manchester United in the Premier League will be traced back to September 17, 2006, after 11 times in the league, the old Trafford 3 flat 8 losses. Manchester United double-killed Arsenal last season. This campaign, Manchester United continue to discharge the three-guard formation, Bailly, Smalling, Rojo come back, Dalot first represented Manchester United in the league, Damian, Martial Rotating appearance, Pogba and Lukaku were sitting on the bench. Arsenal also discharged 3 guards, and Özil continued to miss because of injuries.

  The two sides knew each other and quickly entered the rhythm of the game after the opening. In the 5th minute, Rashford took the ball in front of the penalty area. He directly slammed the ball on the right side and the ball went straight to the corner. Arsenal goalkeeper Leno steadily confiscated the ball. In the 20th minute,  Guendouzi passed on the left side, the ball was cleared by Manchester United players, and the Bellerín in the penalty area directly slammed the ball, the ball played very outrageous and flew directly out of the bottom line.

Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal 2
Mustafi headed the ball
Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal 3
de Gea mistakes gift

  In the 26th minute, the visiting team Arsenal took the lead. Torreira took a corner kick on the left side. Mustafi got rid of Smalling in the penalty area and slammed the ball. De Gea took the ball off with both hands, but the ball was still flying in the direction of the goal, despite the station. At the corner of the door, Herrera cleared the ball, but the referee passed the door line technique to determine that the goal was valid. From the slow motion point of view, the ball has also clearly crossed Manchester United’s door line.

Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal 4
Martial equalizes Manchester United

After only 4 minutes, Manchester United quickly tied the score. In the 30th minute, Rojo directly hit the free kick at 30 yards in front of the penalty area. Leno bounced off the ball and Herrera followed the pass on the right. Martial in front of the goal grabbed the goal and pulled the score to 1 -1 level. From a slow-motion perspective, Herrera is suspected of being offside. This is also the 7th league goal of Martial.

Then Arsenal suffered consecutive player injuries. In the 36th minute, Holden and Rashford collided and fell to the ground and could not hold on to the game. He was replaced by Lichtsteiner and Arsenal changed to a four-guard. In the first half of the stoppage time, Ramsey appeared in the fight with Matić, and Mkhitaryan replaced him. At the end of the first half, the two sides scored 1-1.


The second half was an easy battle. In the 59th minute, Rojo’s long-range martial arts once again made a fortune. He kicked the door in front of the penalty area and the ball was slightly higher than the crossbar. In the 62nd minute, Martial was entangled with Arsenal defender Papastathopoulos in a counterattack, and then he was injured in the anti-robbing process, Lukaku replaced him.

Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal 5
Rojo mistake

In the 68th minute, Arsenal once again surpassed the score. Rojo made a fatal mistake in the backcourt. Under the pressure of his opponent, he passed the ball to Lacazette. The latter went all the way to the penalty area. Rojo fell to the ground and the ball hit the foot of Lacazette. Bouncing into the goal, Arsenal led 2-1.

Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal 6
Lingard equalises

  In the 69th minute, Manchester United once again tied the score. Manchester United’s backcourt long pass, Arsenal defender Kolašinac also made a mistake. He stopped the ball in the penalty area and accidentally stopped the ball to Lingard in the penalty area. The English star smiled and shoved the ball. Once again, helping Manchester United equalized the score. This is also the first goal of Lingard in the Premier League this season.

  Subsequently, De Gea made many bounces. In the 72nd minute, Kolašinac passed to the left and Aubameyang grabbed a slam in the small restricted area. De Gea bravely resolved the ball. In the 75th minute, Aubameyang blasted a curved ball on the left side of the penalty area. The ball flew straight to the lower right corner, and De Gea flew the ball to resolve the ball. In the end, Manchester United played 2-2 at home with Arsenal.

Manchester United 2-2 draw 4 rounds with Arsenal 7
Post-match score

Manchester United (352): 1- De Gea / 16 – Rojo (72-minute Fellaini), 12 – Chris Smalling, 3-Bailly / 36 – Darmian, 21 – Herrera, 31 – Matić, 14-Lingard, 20-Dalot/11-Martial (63-minute 9- Lukaku), 10-Rashford.

Arsenal (3-4-2-1): 19-Leno/5-Papastathopoulos, 20-Mustafi, 16-Holding (36-minute 12-Lichtsteiner ) 2 – Bellerín, 29 – Guendouzi, 11 – Torreira, 31 – Kolašinac / 8 – Ramsey (46th minute 7 – Mkhitaryan), 17 – Iwobi (The 65th minute 9 – Lacazette) / 14 – Aubameyang.

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