Manchester United even chase two goals 2-2

Manchester United even chase two goals 2-2

Manchester United behind two goals, last Leveling back the score

  A focus game of the 24th round of the Premier League in 2018/2019 season started at Old Trafford Stadium. Pereira gave a mistake in the backcourt, Barnes first went to the next city, Wood was Burnley expanded the score, Pogba scored a penalty before the end of the game, Lindelöf’s stoppage time for Manchester United to tie the score. In the end, Manchester United 2-2 home draw with Burnley, Solskjaer ended the winning streak after 8 consecutive victories.

  Manchester United played only one game against Burnley in the last 26 games and 15 wins and 10 draws in the remaining 25 games. The history of the two sides confronted 127 games, Manchester United 61 wins, 22 draws and 44 losses occupied the absolute upper hand. In the first encounter this season, Manchester United away with Lukaku scored twice to beat the opponent 2-0. Compared with Arsenal, Phil Jones, Pereira, Rashford and Mata started the rotation, and Lukaku, who is in good shape, still made his debut. Before the start of the game, the two sides were the striker Sala, who was lost in the plane. Ferguson watched the scene.

Praying for Sala

  After the opening, Manchester United took the lead. In the 9th minute, Lukaku took the ball in front of the penalty area to attract the defense of two Burnley players. In the back row of Rashford, Lukaku passed the ball to Rashford, but the pair of masters In the face of Heaton, but missed the ball out of bounds, missed a great opportunity.

Rashford missed a good opportunity

  In the 17th minute, Burnley counterattacked, and McNeil appeared in the left pass, and the ball flew out of the beam. In the 24th minute, Mata took the Rashford’s straight plug and made a strong shot but was offside. In the 33rd minute, Burnley striker Wood scored a goal but was offside and was blown off. At the end of the first half, Manchester United continued to launch a storm. In the 39th minute, Pogba retraced in the offside position and slammed the ball into the net. In the 41st minute, Mata broke the left foot in the forefront of the penalty area and the ball was slightly out of the right column. In the 44th minute, Ashley Young was shot in the same position, but this time it was high. Halftime, Manchester United 0-0 Burnley.

Pogba score was invalidated
De Gea mistakenly hit

In the second half of the game, Manchester United took the lead in the 51st minute. Phil Jones passed the ball to Pereira in the backcourt. Burnley player Cork scored a successful ball and then gave the ball to Barnes. The latter volleyed the left foot and the goal was saved. Not too late, Manchester United 0-1 Burnley. After conceding the ball, Manchester United launched a counterattack. In the 56th minute, Rashford’s long-range shot from the front of the restricted area was confiscated by Heaton. In the 59th minute, the game almost scored another goal, McNeil volleyed in the penalty area, De Gea hit the ball with both hands.

Barnes scored

  Sports Betting Malaysia. In the 62nd minute, Solskjaer made the first substitution, and he replaced Pereira with Lingard. In the 64th minute, Mata passed on the right side, and Burnley player Westwood had suspected handball in the penalty area, but the referee did not say anything. In the 65th minute, Ashley Young was on the right side, Lukaku shot in the penalty area, and Burnley goalkeeper Heaton made a bounce. He saved the ball and threw the ball out. Subsequently, Sanchez debuted Lukaku. In the 71st minute, Pogba headed the ball in the penalty area.

Wood expands the advantage for Burnley

  In the 81st minute, Manchester United lost another goal. Westwood slanted into the penalty area on the right side of the penalty area. Manchester United was seriously leaked in the penalty area. Chris Wood easily broke the header and De Gea could do nothing. Manchester United is 0-2 behind at home.

Lingard scored a penalty
Pogba scored a penalty

  In the 87th minute, Manchester United recovered a goal. Lingard was pulled down by the Burnley player in the penalty area, the referee awarded a penalty, and Pogba hit the ball in the upper left corner. In the 2nd minute of the stoppage time, “Ferguson time” was staged. Ashley-Young arc top hoisted the ball to the middle. Sanchez’s header was saved by Heaton. Lindelöf made a shot and Manchester United finished 2-2. Draw with Burnley.

Lindelöf  scored, the score 2-2
The moment that the scores 2-2

  Manchester United (4-1-4-1) : 1- David de Gea , 23-Luke-Shaw, 4-Phil Jones, 2-Lindelöf, 18-Ashley Young, 6-Pogba, 31-Matić, 15-Pereira (63′ Lingard), 10-Rashford, 9-Lukaku (67′ Sanchez), 8-Mata

  Burnley (4-4-2) : 1-Heaton, 3-Charlie Taylor, 6-Mee, 5-Tarkowski, 26-Bardsley , 31-McNeil , 4-Cork, 18-Westwood, 13-Hendrick, 10-Barnes, 11-Wood

Manchester United score
Burnley score

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