Manchester United dilemma the Hero and Zero Pogba

Manchester United dilemma the Hero and Zero Pogba1
Pogba Love and Hate

Manchester United dilemma the Hero and Zero Pogba. Manchester United 1-1 draw the Wolves. Pogba offered a subtle assist, but also had a fatal mistake in the second half, which led to the team’s conceded. This shows that Pogba is typical of two sides, one is a super talented super genius, the other side is a loose-blooded cancer, can Manchester United rely on Pogba to compete for the championship?

Mourinho no longer doubts Pogba. From the first game of the league, Pogba put on the captain’s armband of Manchester United, and he is also in the first eleven player list. Mourinho’s tactics are also designed around Pogba. The new season’s Manchester United formation is fixed at 4-3-3. Beside Pogba, Mourinho will be equipped with two defensive midfielders to completely backup Pogba, this should be said to be consistent with the French national team’s tactical play, Manchester United’s Matić and Fellaini are like Kanter and Matuidi as per analyse by Maxbet Football.

Manchester United dilemma the Hero and Zero Pogba2
Beautiful assist by Pogba
The angel and devil side 

It is undeniable that Pogba has also played its own value under this tactical system. In the first two rounds, Pogba scored a penalty in a row. His masterpiece this season is the game against Young Boys in the middle of the week. He scored 2 goals and 1 assist and made 3 goals to help the team win 3-0. For example, in this game against the Wolves, Pogba’s assists at the forefront of the penalty area are really wonderful. He gently deceived everyone and created a very good for Fred. Shooting opportunity. At this moment, Pogba’s peerless talent is reflected in the most vivid.

But this is just the a side of him. In the second half, he shows the side B that Mourinho doesn’t like. Manchester United’s conceded goal is that he was intercepted in the midfield. When he received Fellaini’s pass, he wanted to pass the ball, but he was intercepted by the other side. The Wolves launched a quick counterattack. Time should be the most dangerous. After all, Manchester United’s defense at this time was not ready, and eventually led to the loss of the ball. Although it is not objective to push all of Manchester United’s responsibilities to Pogba, Gary Neville says that Pogba’s playing habits are very poor. He doesn’t invest as much as a top player on the field.

Manchester United dilemma the Hero and Zero Pogba3
Pogba handled the ball carelessly and was robbed which led to an equalizer

Because of the attitude, Mourinho had put Pogba into the freezer last season. But in fact, Pogba’s style of playing has not changed much. He still does whatever he wants, he plays very well, and his investment in defense is still very limited. But what can he do for Mourinho? In today’s Manchester United, he is undoubtedly the most talented player, and is most likely to become the core player of Manchester United. But at the same time, his attitude may be Mourinho’s inability to change.

Obviously, Pogba’s problems will continue to exist. Thinking about it, Mourinho has been coaching for more than two years in Manchester United. In fact, he is actually solving the problem of how to use Pogba. In this season, Mourinho introduced Matić to liberate Pogba. Now Mourinho has introduced Fred to help him, but they have not achieved the best results.

Maybe when Manchester United completely solved the problem of Pogba, the team really has the qualification to compete Manchester City and Liverpool.

Manchester United dilemma the Hero and Zero Pogba4

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