Manchester United fans want Pogba sell to Barcelona


Manchester United fans want Pogba sell to Barcelona after the recent Pogba interview that he still has a contract with Manchester United, but he is not sure what will happen in the next few months. His remarks have annoyed the Red Devils fans and Malaysia Sport Betting network.

A lot of Manchester United fans commented on the Internet. “Manchester United should let him leave the club… His recent interview is irritating… If you want to go, let’s go… We have players who are willing to wear Manchester United jerseys.” “Every time Pogba is interviewed, my love for him is falling.” “Pogba was interviewed for the first time after the comment of the agent, and it was addicted to the rumors of the transfer to Barcelona.”

“Pogba brings more problems than he solves. Although Mourinho has given him what he wants, if he continues this disrespectful attitude, then break up. If his heart is not here, then it is better to change the transfer fee of 150 million pounds.” “Pogba is eyeing Barcelona and continuing to hire Raiola. The fans still love him to support him, but he uses this kind of speech as an answer. If you want to go to Barcelona, ​​the price is 300 million euros.”

“Pogba obviously thinks he is bigger than the club. If he wants to go, let him go.” “Barca can get him, his attitude, lack of consistency, lack of commitment, transfer to La Liga can only prove It is that he is a player with lower strength than evaluation and cannot succeed in the Premier League.”

Many people may think that Pogba does not adapt to the Premier League. The bad relationship with the coach leads to no performance. This is a big mistake! Anyone who has the skills, in any team, will shine, at least better than his teammates. Personally, Pogba has come to an end. He has gone downhill two years ago, but he does not admit it. He can only find a lot of excuses to cover up his own inaction. Manchester United does not sell this person now. deficit!


Manchester United fans want Pogba sell to Barcelona 2

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