Mourinho park the bus to death and not worthy of being a giant

Mourinho park the bus to death and not worthy of being a giant 1

Mourinho park the bus to death and not worthy of being a giant, in the seventh round of the Premier League, Manchester United 1-3 lost to West Ham United. Mourinho’s change in this game has become a failure, suddenly changed to 3-5-2, and once defensive 5-3-2, despite the discharge of a bus-type formation, but Manchester United still lost three goals. Mourinho’s strong defense, which he has been proud of, is now fragmented.

British Media “Record” said that Mourinho has discharged such a starting lineup, it seems to tell West Ham to press the attack, it is like releasing a signal. Sure enough, West Ham United scored on the first attack, and Manchester United made a typical mistake in the three-guard system. The opponent behind the wing was used by the opponent. From here, it can be seen that Manchester United players are the set of tactics is also very rare.


Mourinho park the bus to death and not worthy of being a giant 2
Man Utd form the big bus

To speak of the three defense, Mourinho also tried it last season. But the three defender in this game are different. McTominay his nature position has been a midfielder but was used as a center back. This is his first time in the Manchester United, not to mention him and Smalling. How did Lindelof’s cooperation, even his own, I am afraid that I could not adapt to the duties of the central defender. At the same time, Bailey and Phil Jones did not get the chance. In addition, this game is the first start of this season for McTominay, he did not get a chance to warm up in the League Cup and actually started directly in the league.

ESPN’s said: “The midfielder retreats to the central defender position, each team thinks it can easily beat Manchester United, and there is almost no one in the Manchester United midfield. Matić, Fellaini both are defensive midfielder. In the past, Manchester United was so bad that it was worthy of being trusted at least on the defensive end, and now the defense is also screened.”

Mourinho park the bus to death and not worthy of being a giant 3
Man Utd defense looks fragile

The problem with Mourinho tactics

When the starting lineup comes out, it can be expected how bad Manchester United’s offense will be. There is hardly a point in the midfield. Matić and Fellaini are not playmaker, and Pogba is not the kind of midfielder who is good at passing, and even if Pogba is willing to do with his teammates. Some small-scale cooperation, but who can complete this cooperation with him? So we see that Manchester United’s offense is a simple, and then Fellaini and Lukaku compete for the header in the middle. This pure English style has almost not been played in the Premier League in recent years. Nowadays, all the big clubs have skilled players in the middle and front. There are Silva and de Bruyne in Manchester City, Jorginho in Chelsea, Ozil in Arsenal, and Eriksen in Tottenham.

Maxbet Malaysia, said: “Sanchez, Martial, Pogba, Bailey, Lindelof, Mata, Herrera, Rashford, etc., they all It is a very good player. Don’t be fooled by Mourinho, Manchester United’s lineup is not bad, but the problem is that Mourinho can’t make them a very good bunch, there is no set of effective tactics to play.”

Mourinho and Guardiola were the head coach of Manchester United and Manchester City in the same period, but after more than two years, Guardiola’s tactical system is very clear, and the offensive is flowing. Klopp, who only took up half a year before Mourinho, also built a strongest Liverpool after more than two years. The Red Army’s high-level rush and fast-paced play have a deep brand of Klopp. But the only one is Mourinho. After more than two years of running-in, the team’s tactical play still looking for a system and lack of stability, Manchester United has begun to gradually lose a team’s dignity, more and more like a mixed team who played.


Mourinho park the bus to death and not worthy of being a giant 4

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