Mourinho wants Ibrahimovic return to control Red Devils locker room

Mourinho wants Ibrahimovic return to control Red Devils locker room 1

Mourinho wants Ibrahimovic return to control Red Devils locker room. Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho is now considering returning Ibrahimovic to Old Trafford in the winter window in January. Although it seems impossible, Maxbet Online believes that if Mourinho is still the Manchester United coach in January, this is entirely possible. Mourinho needs to ease the relationship between the locker room and re-establish his authority. If Ibrahimovic can return, the help to Mourinho will be great.

According to ESPN’s report, Mourinho is considering bringing Ibrahimovic back to Manchester United in January, even if it works for a few months. Ibrahimovic’s competitive state after the injury is acceptable, but Mourinho will not use his goals to measure his value. He is more concerned about Ibrahimovic’s influence in the locker room.

Mourinho urgently needs to re-establish his authority, and Ibrahimovic can provide very positive help. In the 18 months before Manchester United, Ibrahimovic played a big role, both old and young players recognized him as a leader. Ibrahimovic can play a buffer between Mourinho and the players.

Since Ibrahimovic and Rooney left, no one can fill their gaps in the locker room. Manchester United is now lacking real leaders, and it is difficult for  whether it is Pogba, Sanchez, Valencia or anyone else. Mourinho is now separated from some of the core players in the team and has no control over the locker room.

If Mourinho is still coaching Manchester United in January, it will not be a crazy idea to bring Ibrahimovic back to Manchester United, but it is much needed for him to turn around.

Mourinho wants Ibrahimovic return to control Red Devils locker room 2
Ibrahimovic still respect Mourinho

Ibrahimovic shows repect to Mourinho

Manchester United coach Mourinho is besieged on all sides, due to poor team performance, Mourinho was questioned. Many people think that he is no longer a ‘special one’. In this regard, Ibrahimovic stand up to support Mourinho, Ibrahimovic said that Mourinho is a winner, he is not arrogant, but confident.

Ibrahimovic said: “Why is Mourinho so special? First of all, because he is a winner, he has the mentality of this kind of winner. He does everything to win. He understands the sport and he can read the game very well. He is not in control of the game, but the psychology of his own players. I still remember that when he came to Inter Milan, he could make everyone pay 200% of the effort, not for the team, not for the club, but for his willingness. This makes him very special, because when he appears on an important stage, he is always different.”

“Mourinho is not the traditional coach. I remember that I worked with Capello. Capello is very strict, disciplined and respectful. Mourinho also have, he brings other things. Is the character. He has a special character and he has a way of expressing himself.”

Ibrahimovic does not agree with the external criticism of Mourinho’s arrogance. Ibrahimovic said: “Mourinho is confident, not arrogant. Because I have the same personality as him, people say that I am very Pride, but I don’t think it’s arrogant, I call it self-confidence. The ignorant person says it’s arrogant, and the wise man calls it confidence.”

Ibrahimovic also expressed his belief that Mourinho is still the best coach for Manchester United. Ibrahimovic said: “I think he has the ability to lead the team to win the Premier League. I think he is the right coach for Manchester United. But if the team Not good enough, he can’t make a miracle. I think Manchester United is a very good team, making progress and getting better and better. This is his third year, players should know more about the way he wants to play. I believe this.”

Mourinho wants Ibrahimovic return to control Red Devils locker room 3


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