Europa League : Arsenal vs CSKA Moscow Preview

Europa League : Arsenal vs CSKA Moscow Preview : 阿森纳将只有中锋桑托卡索拉因伤缺阵。守门员切赫很大机会可以这里上场。 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 是没有资格参加这场欧洲比赛。 Alexandre Lacazette 被温格暗示他将会休息。


另一方面,莫斯科中央陆军阵里由于罚停赛,将不会有基里尔纳巴布金。除此之外,他们将会错过右后卫马里奥费尔南德斯,后卫维克托华新和中场中场球员Astemir Gordyushenko皆因受伤。在法国取得巨大胜利之后,CSKA将寻求在英国有类似的结果,在英格兰尝试并取得一个出色的表现。艾哈迈德穆萨现在回到了中央陆军前线。

在英格兰联赛中,阿森纳已经不必考虑前四名的份了,所以赢得这场比赛是他们进入下一届冠军联的唯一希望。最近的团队选择已经很清楚明显,他们现在非常重视这个比赛。至于中央陆军莫斯科,他们在俄超联赛中仍然落后对头 Lokomotiv 5分,但它还有很长的路要走。所以他们不能全部专注于与阿森纳比赛。

阿森纳本赛季迄今为止的主场纪录非常好。他们展示主场记录 19 胜 3 平 3 负。谈到 CSKA 的访客的表现也是相当不错。他们赢得了14次,获得了6次平局,只输了四次。


大家都知道我阿肥比较贪心也敢搏,所以今天我一定拿 阿森纳放 1.5-2 球,香港盘赔出多 28% 的赔率,当然吸引我啦。

阿肥估计 : 阿森纳 3 – 0 莫斯科中央陆军队


Arsenal will have only center midfielder Santi Cazorla to miss out due to injury.  Goalkeeper Petr Cech may be able to start here. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is ineligible to play in this European match. Alexandre Lacazette was hinted by Arsene Wenger that he will not start.

Wenger rested a number of players knowing that this tournament is their first priority right now. One player that will be glad to see will be Danny Welbeck. He should be leading the line here again, after scoring twice in the second leg against Milan.

In the other side, CSKA Moscow will be without Kirill Nababkin due to a suspension. In addition to that they will be missing right back Mario Fernandes, center back Viktor Vasin, and center midfielder Astemir Gordyushenko due to injuries.

After a massive win in France, CSKA will be looking to keep things as similar as possible in England to try and pull off a famous result. Ahmed Musa now is back at CSKA frontline.

In the english league, Arsenal already considered nowhere near the Top Four, so winning this match is their only hope of getting themselves into the Champions League for next season. That has been made very clear by team selection of late, so they are taking this tournament very seriously at this point. As for CSKA Moscow, they are still in with a chance in the Russian Premier League just five points behind Lokomotiv, but its still a long way to go. So they can’t have all of their focus on these match with Arsenal.

Arsenal’s home record so far this season has been very good. They have shown their home fans with 19 wins, three draws, and just three losses. When it comes to CSKA’s away form, it has been quite impressive too. They have won 14 times, drawn six times, and lost only four times.

With Arsenal’s away record this season not having been good and they have never won in Russia before, a lot of pressure will be on them in this first leg to get the job done early. If CSKA can keep them out, they could punish Arsenal in Moscow . But with their current record of conceding goals, it seems unlikely and the Gunners should have more fire power to cause them heavily.

Well everybody knows how greedy I am, I’m going to take Arsenal Handicap 1.5-2 with HK Odds which pays 28% more, a very attractive price for me.

Ah Fat Prediction: Arsenal 3-0 CSKA Moscow



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