EPL : West Brom vs Liverpool Preview 西布朗对利物浦心水

EPL : West Brom vs Liverpool Preview 西布朗对利物浦心水 : 西布朗中后卫乔伊尼埃文斯,中场詹姆斯莫里森和加雷斯巴里和前锋 Hal-Robson Kanu 因伤缺阵。天在这里他们应该也是排出一样最近击败曼联的阵容。


对利物浦来说,克洛普缺少中后卫乔尔马蒂普和乔戈麦斯,中场球员 Emre Can 和 Adam Lallana 皆因受伤。我觉得今天他们会有一些球员的变化,但三名前锋阵型仍然存在。

克洛普将在这里做一些改变,以保持他的更强大的球队足够休息在星期二与罗马进行欧冠半决赛。Mo Salah 很大机会不会踢这场比赛。但也不代表要低估利物浦进攻队阵容和克洛普的进攻风格策略和战术。



在主场,西布朗是联赛最差的一队。他们只赢了两次并得到14分。他们在17场比赛中只打进18球。 至于利物浦的客场战绩,他们在这个赛季中名第三。他们已经从客场比赛累积了31分。


似乎两支球队都渴望从这里得到一些成绩,随着利物浦放球 -1 赔率为 0.93 是非常正常的,今天他们最少也可以进到一球。对我来讲,不是赢就是和,Why Not。。。

阿肥估计 :  西布朗 0 – 2 利物浦


EPL : West Brom vs Liverpool Preview 西布朗对利物浦心水 : West Brom center back Jonny Evans, midfielders James Morrison and Gareth Barry,
and forward Hal-Robson Kanu set to miss out due to injuries. Expect to see the same squad here today who beat Manchester United recently.

It has been a long and difficult season for West Brom and Jay Rodriguez, But Rodriguez has come back to full fitness now, and it showed last weekend as he scored a memorable goal against Manchester United.

For Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp is missing center backs Joel Matip and Joe Gomez, midfielders Emre Can and Adam Lallana due to injuries. I feel that they will have some changes in the player but the three forwards formation may still remains.

Jurgen Klopp will make some changes here to preserve his stronger team for the semi-final with Roma on Tuesday. Most probably Mo Salah will not start this game. But still don’t underestimate Liverpool attacking squad and Jurgen’s attacking style of tactics.

West Brom who currently at the very bottom of the table with just 24 points. Without their win last weekend, they would have absolutely no chance to remains in the Premier League. Reality is that they have very little opportunity almost to zero to stay even they can win the last few matches. they need to face Tottenham and Crystal Palace for their last two matches.

As for Liverpool, they are now clear of Spurs by two points In addition to that, the Reds are only four points behind Man United. Two more wins and they will seal entry to Champions League next season, they will not waste today opportunity.

At home, West Brom have the league’s worst record. They have only won twice all term and have only 14 points here. They have only scored 18 goals in 17 matches at home as well.

As for Liverpool away record, they have the third best record in the division. They have accumulate 31 points from away games.

Although West Brom did beat Manchester United recently, that doesn’t mean they can do the same to Liverpool. But they do have a chance here due to Liverpool are definitely rest some star players and their defence are quite unstable too. Anyway, Liverpool with their depth squad chances for them to get a win is expected.

It may seems both teams are eager to get something from here, With Liverpool giving -1 ball at odds 0.93 is quite normal, a goal will definitely confirm from them today. Either I win or draw, why not.

Ah Fat Prediction: West Bromwich Albion 0-2 Liverpool




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