Analysis Real Madrid’s against Bilbao lineup problem

Analysis Real Madrid's Lopetegui lineup problem 1

In the match between Real Madrid and Bilbao, Real Madrid’s new coach exposed several major problems for Lopetegui’s formation. Analysis Real Madrid’s against Bilbao lineup problem.

In terms of scheduling the start, considering that Casemiro has just returned (because of the national team competition, the latest team in Real Madrid), Lopetegui substitute Casemiro can be understood, but let Kroos play as the midfielder, It’s obviously not a very wise choice to send to Ceballos.

Kroos’s role is to sort out the game, transfer the ball, and lead the team, restoring the ball and helping the teammates to make up the position. In the face of high-intensity Bilbao, especially the tough guy like Raul Garcia, Kroos is very disadvantaged in the midfield. In fact, Real Madrid has two substitutes in the midfield, one is Valverde, the Uruguayan international, not on the list, the other is Marcos Llorente, but failed to enter the final list of 18 people.

In the second half, Casemiro came off the bench and Real Madrid and give them an equalizer. Kroos was also given the opportunity, Isco goal was from Kroos crossing.

Analysis Real Madrid's Lopetegui lineup problem 2
Kroos crossing assisted Isco goal

Another starting arrangement is Ceballos. The Spanish teenager was reintroduce to play in the new season, but he basically did not play a role in the first half. Although Ceballos had two wonderful played in the game, he was basically trapped for the entire 45 minutes. Athletic Bilbao’s high position and high-intensity defense made him feel at a loss.

Lopetegui show his faith on him give him playing time for Lopetegui to study this youngster. Obviously, against the physical team of Athletic Bilbao, Real Madrid sent three technical midfielder players, Modric, Kroos and Ceballos, obviously not the right choice.

The Substitute choices back fire

In addition, Lopetegui’s third substitution was unreasonable. Real Madrid struggled to pursue the second goal, but Lopetegui did not choose Mariano, but chose Vasquez on the side. Regarding why Bale was replaced, Lopetegui explained, “Bale needs a break.” But choosing to switch to Vazquez instead of Mariano is obviously a bit difficult to understand. Vazquez is not a forward who is good at scoring, he is better at passing on the side.

Mariano is the only center of Real Madrid’s bench, but he once again waited for 90 minutes on the bench and didn’t play. Maybe the manager should give him 10 minutes to let him attack the opponent’s defense.

Malaysia Sports Betting believes that Casemiro plays a very important role in the midfield. Real Madrid needs him to guard the midfield, while Modric and Kroos can play the midfield and lead the team to mobility. If Casemiro takes a break, Real Madrid’s new coach Lopetegui  should choose a stealth-type midfielder instead of Kroos.



Analysis Real Madrid's Lopetegui lineup problem  3

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