Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years

Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years 1

Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years

Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years. In the 2018/19 season, the 12th round of La Liga broke a big upset. Barcelona lost to Betis 3 to 4 at home. After 20 minutes, Betis made a 2-0 lead against the home team.  Although Messi scored a penalty in the 68th minute, the gap narrowed, but Betis scored another goal in the 71st minute. In the 79th minute, Vidal chased the score 2 to 3, but in the 81st minute Rakitic was sent off and Betis rewrote the score to 4 to 2. At the end of the day, Messi scored a goal, but it did not help.

Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years
Barcelona defences push up too far leaving a big gap behind

The game was defeated, Barcelona wrote a number of black records, for example, Barcelona 42 league home unbeaten was ended, the last time they lost in the league home game or lost to Alaves in September 2016. In addition, before the game, Barcelona’s nearly 14 league matches against Betis won 11 wins and 3 draws, but this time lost to the opponent at home. Betis last beat Barcelona was in May 1998, when Betis defeated Barcelona 3-1.

Before this round, Betis ranked sixth in the La Liga, while Barcelona led the standings, but Barcelona did not show the strength advantage. This is the first time in 15 years that a team has scored 4 goals at Barcelona at the Camp Nou. The last time was on April 12, 2003, when Barcelona lost to Deportivo La Coruna 2 to 4 at home.

Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years 5
Betis players crowded the emptied Barcelona post

In this game, Messi scored 2 goals, but Barcelona still lost, this is the first time Barcelona has encountered Messi into more than 2 goals, the team is still losing. In addition, Barcelona lost the ball in 10 consecutive rounds, which is the first time in the past 20 years. Barcelona only lost 29 goals last season, but now Barcelona lost 18 goals after 12 rounds. Betis has only scored 12 goals in La Liga this season, but this round broke out against Barcelona.

Discourage Defences

Barcelona’s defense in this game is very relaxed. After Betis reached the third goal, the whole team was discouraged, only Pique was still shouting, and the always calming of ter Stegen was sitting on the ground and seemed helpless. When Betis scored the fourth goal, four Barcelona players let the opponents rush in the penalty area, Barcelona players are simply defending with their eyes.

Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years 2
Real Betis celebrating after winning the game

This is the first time that ter Stegen lost the game at home. He had maintained 44 unbeaten games. After 12 rounds of league, Barcelona lost 18 goals, the first time since the 1974-75 season. In other words, the current line of defense is the worst defense line in Barcelona in 44 years.

After the game, Barcelona defender Pique said that he was worried about the team’s fragile defense. “We haven’t lost so many goals for many years. We know the team’s problems.” But Pique said that Barcelona’s defensive problem is not personal. Partly, the reason is that the whole team tends to attack, which makes a big gap between the various lines of Barcelona.

Maxbet Online also pointed out that Barcelona’s poor defense. The game against Betis once again exposed Barcelona’s defensive problems, but the defense is difficult to discuss alone, because football can not be simply divided into offensive and defensive parts, it is unfair to blame the defensive players for all the responsibility of losing the ball. In this game, Barcelona’s defense line is under great pressure. Pique and other players can’t stop the opponent’s offensive. The players such as Busquets and Rakitic are not doing enough in the defense.

Pique said after the game: “This is a game that you come to me. The other side has created a lot of counterattack opportunities. Many times we are in a disadvantage when we defend.” Maxbet Online believes that when the opponent attacks Barcelona’s defense is inferior in number, which proves that Barcelona’s team is not right when there is a ball. The team failed to grab the first time after losing the ball, and failed to form an effective defensive line.

Pique also said that Barcelona may have lost more than the attacking power, but the reported that it refuted this, saying that although Manchester City is the team with the most goals in the Premier League, they are also the ones with the least conceded teams. The team can often achieve a clean sheet against any opponents. And Barcelona has lost the ball in 10 consecutive rounds of La Liga, this season’s 18 official games, only 5 games are recorded a clean sheet. Barcelona’s lost 10 goals more than Atletico Madrid. This is not like the defensive data of the champion team.

Defence is indeed a collective problem. Barcelona’s football lacks balance and is very vulnerable when the opponent counterattacks. If Barcelona’s defense situation is not improved, it will be hard to say if they can win this season.


Barcelona recorded the worst defences line in 44 years 3

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