Exposure of Real Madrid 372 million euros to sign Mbappe

Exposure of Real Madrid 372 million euros to sign Mbappe 1


According to the Spanish “Aspen” and Maxbet Malaysia report, Real Madrid currently has 372 million euros of available funds, of which 190 million euros is cash, and 182 million euros of credit, and interest rates are attractive, long-term debt is not stressful. This was disclosed in Real Madrid’s internal accounting report.

The reason for retaining this money is to introduce superstars such as Neymar and Mbappe, but this action has not been completed so far. This summer, Real Madrid failed to dig Neymar or Mbappe to the Bernabeu. The Brazilian did try the transfer, but the big Parisian owner Al-Khelaifi became tough, and Neymar would be transferred to Real Madrid.

In any case, the amount of funds in Real Madrid’s hands indicates that Real Madrid has the ability to introduce one or two superstars in the next few years. In recent years, Real Madrid has become a seller in the transfer market rather than a buyer, but it should be noted that Real Madrid President Florentino is also thinking about debt restructuring of the Bernabeu stadium, which is expected to cost 575 million euros. . This may put the club in a subtle position in the event of a major transfer.

Yes, after the 2016-17 season, Real Madrid’s funds reached 190 million euros, but the club must also pay back a lot of debt. In the next three months, Real Madrid will have to pay 10.1 million euros. In the next five years, Real Madrid will have to pay 49.9 million euros. In terms of wages, Real Madrid will have to pay 16.8 million euros after the start of the new year.

Real Madrid tends to invest on the basis of revenue and expenditure. In the 2016-17 season, their income was 751 million euros, but the expenditure was also high. This year’s income and expenses are almost the same. However, income will stagnate and employees’ wages will inevitably increase.

In this regard, the latest known figure is that the first-team has a salary of 280 million euros and a bonus of 55 million euros, and the total salary of the club’s 811 employees exceeds 400 million euros.

There are other indicators that indicate that Madrid has an important debt-servicing obligation. Real Madrid officially revealed: “The club has promised to repay debts to different financial institutions and creditors, and the guarantee contract will expire in 2018-19.” That is to say, part of the club’s income has been allocated as a guarantee of debt repayment and cannot be used for other purposes.

Exposure of Real Madrid 372 million euros to sign Mbappe 2

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