The weakest link in Real Madrid has been infinitely magnified

The weakest link in Real Madrid has been infinitely magnified 1

The weakest link in Real Madrid has been infinitely magnified. Real Madrid lost to Sevilla 0-3, the team lost 3 goals in the first half, if you have to point out the team’s fiasco sinner, then Marcelo should be the first one.

This season, Marcelo’s state is very bad, the European Super Cup against Atletico, he had a fatal mistake, and he was rarely replaced by Girona because of his poor performance, and to Sevilla, he made too many fatal mistake . At the FIFA Awards Ceremony held recently, Marcelo was selected for the best lineup of the year, but now Marcelo has become the weak link of Real Madrid.

Football Betting Malaysia said that Sevilla coach Machin and all La Liga and European coaches know that when it comes to Real Madrid, they have to storm the left and make full use of Marcelo’s low level of defense. Sevilla coach did the same.

For Sevilla, Real Madrid’s two goals are from his side. The first goal, Marcelo pass the ball, Sevilla players immediately transferred the ball to the left after the ball, Marcelo’s left side of the loophole, Navas broke into the right side of the restricted area, unguarded Andre Silva pushed into the net before the restricted area. Marcelo symbolically recalled in the process, but to no avail.

The second ball, Real Madrid left field completely undefended, Ben Yedder counterattacked in the direct pass, Navas broke into the restricted area on the right side of the shot was saved, Andrei Silva 15 yards to sweep into the net, the other side launched a counterattack, Marcelo is still in Sevilla field, how can he catch up?

The third goal, Sevilla got a corner kick, the ball opened to the penalty area, Marcelo fight for a header but failed, Vazquez headed the ball in front of the restricted area, unmarked Ben Yedder kicked the ball into the net.

The weakest link in Real Madrid has been infinitely magnified 2
Marcelo defense a disaster
Marcelo may have contributed on the offensive level, but his defensive deficiencies are getting more and more worried. To make matters worse, in the 73rd minute of the game, Marcelo was injured when he stopped the ball without confrontation and had to leave early. Real Madrid had already used three substitution places. In the last 15 minutes, Real Madrid could only take 10 people to play. Marcelo will not be participating in the Madrid Derby against Atletico Madrid three days later.

In the post-match “Marca” fans score, Marcelo ranked last. “Marca” comment said: “This is his normal season this season… Sevilla scored the first goal related to his mistakes, Navas got space on his side, the Brazilian failed to intercept the cross Let Andre Silva use the cross to score. The second goal is also from his side, after which he defeated by Vazquez and the latter who assisted Ben Yedder to score. In the second half, Marcelo was injured and left the team with only 10 people to continue. This is a game that Marcelo should have forgotten. He was completely exploited by Sevilla and seemed to be playing very uncomfortably.”

“Aspen” also said that Marcelo played a nightmare game, Real Madrid lost the first goal from his error, the second ball is not catching up, the third ball is a defeat. This is a night that Marcelo should have forgotten. His attitude is also unexplained. The speed of the withdrawal is very slow, and the blockage is always slow.

The weakest link in Real Madrid has been infinitely magnified 3

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