Ridiculous Arsenal defense error pave way to Atletico Madrid

Frustrated Wenger, Ridiculous Arsenal Defensive errors 1

Ridiculous Arsenal defense error pave way to Atletico Madrid

Well, its confirm Arsene Wenger glorious farewell ruined by their ridiculous defensive errors, in which they will need a miracle to win at Atletico Madrid ground in the second leg. Arsenal only manage to draw 1-1 in their own turf.

Just after about ten minutes on the game, Atletico Madrid were down to ten men and their manager, Diego Simeone was sent to the stands shortly for protesting the referee decision, dissappointedly to say, Arsenal did not seize this golden opportunity.

Frustrated Wenger, Ridiculous Arsenal Defensive errors 2

Arsenal kept almost 77% of possession through the 90 minutes, attacking and bombarding Atletico with 28 shots but lack the quality, only 8 of this shots are on target. Atletico have teach Arsenal side a lessons in how to defend. Arsenal only able to break the score at 61st minute thanks to Alexandre Lacazette but it didn’t last long.

Frustrated Wenger, Ridiculous Arsenal Defensive errors 3

Atletico have survived all of this moment until Antoine Griezmann’s 82nd minute equaliser came after THREE defensive mistakes and that just about sums up all of Arsenal’s failings under Wenger. Nacho Monreal played Griezmann onside, Laurent Koscielny got the wrong side and then Shkodran Mustafi fell over before he could make a challenge.

Frustrated Wenger, Ridiculous Arsenal Defensive errors 4

Atletico centre halves Diego Godin and Jose Gimenez have done a good job by clearing everything against them while keeper Jan Oblak made a string of terrific saves.

Atletico have not conceded at home in the Europa League this season and that is the biggest challenge for Arsenal to break this record.

While Simeone got send to the stands during the game, he called his players “heroes” for their fighting spirit.

Atletico defender Sime Vrsaljko have himself to blame for collecting two yellow cards in only ten minutes game played. The first came after 75 seconds for a foul on Jack Wilshere and then the second for challenge on Lacazette. Simeone completely lost it and swearing at French referee Clement Turpin and complaint why the referee did not book Hector Bellerin for a tackle and instantly sent to the stands.

It seems that Arsenal are running out of ideas until they finally made a goal 60 minutes later. At that moment, it felt like this could be Arsenal’s and Wenger’s moment. But it all ends at 81st minutes, when Griezmann raced forward and Monreal, Koscielny and Mustafi make a mess and completely given the opportunity to Griezmann and finally he smashed the ball into the net.




在比赛开场大约10分钟,马德里竞技队只有剩下10人和他们的教练 Diego Simeone 因为抗议裁判决定很快被送到看台上,失望地说,阿森纳没有抓住这个黄金机会。

在 90 分钟内,阿森纳几乎占据了77%的控球权,并进攻多达28次射门轰击马德里竞技,但缺乏质量,只有8次谢向目标。马德里竞技这一次真的向阿森纳队表现如何防守的一课。阿森纳只有能够感谢 Alexandre Lacazette 在第61分钟打破僵局,但这并没有持续太久。




当 Simeone 在比赛期间被送到看台时,他没办法不承认他的球员的战斗精神,过后他称赞他的球员为“英雄” 。

马德里竞技后卫Sime Vrsaljko只有怪责自己,在比赛中只有十分钟内就收集两张黄牌。第一次出错是开赛75秒后,然后第二个黄卡是来自挑战拉卡兹特。 Simeone完全失去了它的脾气并对法国裁判Clement Turpin 咒骂,并指责裁判没有判Hector Bellerin,并立即送到看台。

阿森纳慢慢的已经没有套路了就是没办法破门,终于在60几分钟后才实现了一球。那一刻,感觉可是阿森纳和温格的光荣时刻。但这一切都在第81分钟结束,当时Griezmann 向前冲,阿森纳后卫 Monreal,科斯切尔尼和穆斯塔菲却弄得一团糟,完全让最好的机会给格里兹曼,最后他将球砸入网中。




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