Judgment day for Punters and the rise of three lions

Judgment day for Punters and the rise of three lions 1

Judgment day for Punters and the rise of three lions

Judgment day for Punters and the rise of three lions : The World Cup has just begun less than a week, and many people have already shouted “Go to the rooftops”. This World Cup is extremely unfriendly to gambling players.

According to Maxbet Online This is probably the coldest World Cup ever. The historical record shows that the three teams from Germany, Argentina, and Brazil who did not win in the first round of the World Cup have never happened before. This is the charm of the World Cup. The unpredictable results of the football game will be even more unpredictable on this stage.

However, people who gambling on sports betting malaysia may not think so. During the World Cup, many people who do not normally watch the game also joined the global carnival. Besides watching the ball, they will also betting on it.

It has been no surprise that many gamblers have had a lot of hiccups since the start of the opening game. It is no wonder that the gamblers’ mentality has collapsed. The first round of the World Cup this year has been very popular, and those “non-top-level teams” have shown no more combat effectiveness than traditional tyrants. The match between Iceland and Argentina is the best example. Their targeted defense made Messi and Argentina at a loss. The penalty shoot-out from Messi was also misfired. Mexico and Switzerland defeated and evened out strong Germany and Brazil respectively. Who could have thought that only the French team had won the competition until now ?

In addition to the unpopularity, the World Cup has a lot of lore. Uruguay scored their first goal against Egypt in the 90th minute with Jimenez’s header. Iran scored a goal with Morocco’s own goal in the 95th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the last free kick to equalize Spain. France’s winning goal also appeared in 80 minutes. This is also a disadvantage for gambling players who are concerned about real-time scores.

The strong teams have all but overturned, and now only two highly-regarded teams, England and Belgium, have not appeared. England will play against Tunisia. This is an opportunity for England to let the world stand out. After being eliminated by Iceland 1-2 in the finals of the 2016 Euro, the England national team has not been able to lift its head. Whether the media or the fans regard the game as a shame, and that day has passed a full 720 days, they are always waiting for the opportunity of shame.

In the qualifying round of the World Cup in Europe, England won unbeaten qualifications. Unlike the past, the British media were very low confidence with their national teams. They did not think about England’s way of winning the championship. They did not brag about how strong their lineup was.

There is only one goal in England’s first battle, which is to beat the opponent. It seems to them that there is nothing to brag about in defeating Tunisia. However, England’s victory was enough to make them rise.


Judgment day for Punters and the rise of three lions 2



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