Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal coach are both angry

 Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal coach are both angry: We played badly 1

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal coach are both angry Reported from Online betting malaysia With Ronaldo’s goal, Portugal made a victory over Morocco. Real Madrid’s superstars scored a goal four minutes after opening. However, almost all players seemed to have fallen into a state of sleepwalking. They all depended on wasting time until the end of the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo was rated as the best in the game, but he was not satisfied with the performance of the team, and the Portuguese national team coach Santos also felt dissatisfied after the game.

In the match, Portugal failed to take the initiative and the team played badly. In addition to a goal, it’s almost lackluster. According to the footage from the four television stations in Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his dissatisfaction with coach Santos when he left the field. “We played a bit bad and we didn’t kick up!” said Ronaldo. Made an angry gesture.

 Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal coach are both angry: We played badly 2

Although Portugal accumulated four points in the two games, the feeling is that this team is only a Ronaldo team. Portugal’s football does not look good, relying on Ronaldo to push the team forward. For the match in Morocco, the Portuguese team only shot 6 times, 7 times less than the other, and the ball possession rate was only 45.2%, while Morocco’s possession rate was 54.8% as reported at Online .

According to Maxbet Online Head Coach Santos was equally unhappy after the match and said: “We played very hard, didn’t we? We won, but the team did have a lot of problems. We lost control of the game and passed through many mistakes. Our pass is constantly making mistakes and we don’t know what to say. We missed a pass, missed two passes, missed three passes. Your opponent, your passing ball is constantly making mistakes and you are constantly giving each other a chance. Then we have a hard time playing. We didn’t run and didn’t pass the ball. It really made me speechless.”

Obviously, the Portuguese team won, but Ronaldo and the coach are not happy, the team exposed a lot of problems.


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