Refuses to lose! This is the German Chariot! They are back for business

Refuses to lose! This is the German Chariot! 1Refuses to lose! This is the German Chariot! They are back for business

Report from Maxbet Online The German team won! Kroos’s sword is sealed and the German chariot is out to conquer! The fans who watched the game all knew that Low’s team had met with much test and tenacious resistance on the field, but they still managed to overcome the fate and achieved the final victory.

After the loss of the first game, the German team has no chance of retreat in this game, if loss is definitely out, even if the draw is equal, if the last round of the match between Sweden and Mexico, the German team still needs to go home. For the German chariot, this is a game that must be won. However, the team’s defeat due to the first game has been questioned by many parties including the industries in Sports Betting.


Refuses to lose! This is the German Chariot! 2


In the game, the German team is still being tested. The effect of the change array is not obvious. After a few minutes of fierce attack in the opening game, the German team began to be helpless in front of the Swedish defense. Sweden’s several counter-attacks were very sharp,

In the second half, Gomez’s appearance allowed the German team to return to life, and soon equalized the score. But then the Swedes regrouped and the German team once again faced strong resistance and could not hold it several times. Worse, the score was too positive and the goal line was disbanded. The second goal that the German fans were looking forward to had been unwilling to arrive. Then there was the blow. Boateng’s two yellows and one red were sent off. The German team played one less, but they had to storm to get victory. They did not give up, It seems that God is still testing the German team.


Refuses to lose! This is the German Chariot! 3

It was such an opportunity that, in a desperate situation, Kroos completed the redemption and kicked his feet and ignited the passion of German fans. These difficulties and challenges in the pre-match match did not defeat the German team and they still won this game! Gomez said before the game: “The stronger party will win – and that team will be us!” He did not say wrong, under the weight of the life-and-death battle, the German team did not give up and eventually took a valuable three-pointer! After this difficult time, the German team has been greatly improved both in the competitive state and the mental state, and the qualifying situation has become very optimistic. Tonight in Sochi, people saw the undefeated German team again. Home ticket? “We don’t need this. We don’t want to go home. We’re sure we will win.” Yes, the German team did it.




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