The world’s first demon team declared war on the world

The world's first demon team declared war on the world 1

The world’s first demon team declared war on the world as according to Maxbet Online Belgium defeated England in their last game of Group G. Although this is a well-recognized game to win, Belgium still won. Naive? not necessarily. Confidence in one’s own strength may be the reason why Belgium “hasn’t care” and entered the half of death as a group. Where all the world top teams at the Round of 16.

Football Tips explain in this game, Belgium’s starting lineup was rotated nine players, De Bruyne, Hazard , Lukaku the three “super-giant” was rested, Januzaj, Thorgan Hazard, Batshuayi is out on the field. Fellaini control the middle of the field, genius teenager Tielemans, Tottenham’s Mussa Dembele, Chadli are all starting as first choice against England.

Although for Belgium, this is a backup lineup. However, this backup lineup is as strong as the main lineup. In other words, this lineup is also very capable.

Shortly after the opening, Tielemans suddenly shot off from the penalty area and frightened Pickford. The England goalkeeper swooped the ball over the crossbar. A few minutes later, Januzaj made a pass from the right, and Fellaini missed a header. Batshuayi shot in front of the goalkeeper. Pickford tossed the ball and the ball rolled to the goal. Thanks to Cahill for a timely response , clear the ball on the goal line.

Throughout the first half, Belgium showed a good performance on both ends of the offensive and defensive, especially the high efficiency in the offensive, which made the English somewhat embarrassed. In the second half, the Belgian offensive finally blossomed.

The game was always under the control of the Belgians. Until the final moment of the game, the substitute Mertens who had come off the bench also had a long shot with high quality, forcing Pickford to make a beautiful save. In the whole match, Belgium had 14 shots and 12 key passes. In addition, they far exceeded England in the passing success rate. They also made it to the top 16 as the group’s first victory.

The world's first demon team declared war on the world 2

It is worth mentioning that there are three teams in the current World Cup group match, including Uruguay, Croatia and Belgium. They have entered the top 16. The European Red Devils scored nine goals in their three matches and averaged three goals per game. With the luxury of the Belgian lineup, the strength of the bench is even more enviable.

The first qualifying round of the group 16 means that Belgium has come to the extremely dangerous first half. In this half, Uruguay, Portugal, France, Argentina, and Brazil are eyeing each other. They want to make it to the top 4 and finally to the finals. However, this is also true for superpowers such as Brazil and France. No team in the world dares to despise Belgium. What’s more, Belgium’s opponent in the top 16 is the Japan team. From a strength point of view, this is the weakest team among the top 16. As long as it’s normal, Belgium can almost say that it has already locked in a top 8 spot ahead of schedule. Next, Top 4, semi-finals, finals… everything is possible.

Belgium has never lacked a talented genius, but in previous contests, it often over due to lack of solidarity. But in this World Cup, Belgium showed people a different mental outlook. In the opening national anthem, the first Belgian players placed their right hand on the left chest and left hand took a teammate on their left. A very united gesture. Perhaps this generation of Belgian players, known as the first demon team of the European Red Devils, can really surprise the fans in the World Cup.


The world's first demon team declared war on the world 2

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