Japan is so near the miracle door but they lost the key

Japan is so near the miracle door but they lost the key 1

Japan is so near the miracle door but they lost the key. Maxbet Online feels that no one will be optimistic about Japan’s smashing the European Red Devils before the game. Belgian coach Martinez said before the game “I feel that playing against Japan will be very difficult. We must concentrate on them. They are very energetic and always create some trouble.” It turns out that he did not lie.

In the first half, Belgium suppressed Japan but did not score a goal. At the beginning of the second half, the Japanese team had shocked them with two lead goals, and if the situation develop with nothing, Belgium can book a ticket home. In the defense, Japan played awkwardly but effectively, successfully suppressing the Belgian offense. In the offensive, Japan played the Asian style, and the constant small fast spirits threatened the Belgian city gate.

Sports Betting thinks its fortunate that Japan scored earlier, Martinez made a substitution adjustment to change the game: Chadli + Fellaini replaced Carrasco + Mertens. The intention is obvious, a side pass and a header. Sure enough, Belgium can use its own speed advantage to press the opponent’s half, and then the pilling and cross.

After strengthening the attack on the high-altitude ball, Belgium received a miraculous effect. Belgium 2-2 equalized. In the end, Chadli’s speed and his physical strength helped him give the Japanese team a final blow in the counterattack.

Sophisticated Martinez showed a textbook-like substitution course. In the case of 2-2 being equalized, Japan replaced Keisuke Honda to strengthen the attack.

Japan is so near the miracle door but they lost the key 2

In the game against Poland, in the case of Japan 0-1, the final score was obtained. But in Belgium, Japan is greedy. 90 minutes of physical strength and 50 minutes of physical strength are not comparable, Japan should have to play more conservative when leading. However, the two teams between Poland and Belgium are different. Even if they dragged into the overtime, the Japanese team’s physical fitness is not very good. Nishino’s knew that and wish to kill the game at regular time. But he should instead strengthening the high-altitude defense, properly compressing the defense line, and dragging the penalty shootout in overtime.

Perhaps the tactical arrangement of the Japanese coach succeeded in pressing the strong Belgium, but Martinez’s on-the-spot command was slightly better.


Japan is so near the miracle door but they lost the key 3

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