Champions League : AS Roma 3 – 0 Barcelona Match Highlights

Champions League : AS Roma 3 – 0 Barcelona Match Highlights





Barcelona lost 0-3 to Roma in the away game. The total aggregate was 4:4.  In the opening 6 minutes, Dzeko opened the record. In the second half, Džeko won the penalty and De Rossi take the penalty kick.

De Rossi made a long pass in the middle circle. Dzeko unloaded the ball from the right side of the restricted area 7 meters away from the goal post and hit the net 1 – 0.

Dzeko broke into the restricted area on the right side of the penalty zone, and was shoved. French referee not hesitated to punish and given the penalty! De Rossi fumbled into the lower right corner, 2-0.

Come from the right corner Manoras scored 6 meters from the front of the door to the far corner, 3 to 0.







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