Rashford a star for England but struggling with Mourinho

Rashford a star for England but struggling with Mourinho 1

Rashford a star for England but struggling with Mourinho. European Nations League, England beat Spain 3-2. Manchester United striker Rashford, who was criticized before, also ushered in the opportunity to prove himself. He completed an assist and a goal in the game, this time he did live up to the fans’ expectations of him. However, it is not known whether Rashford will bring the good state back to Manchester United.

This game is still out of the 4-3-3 formation, Rashford is his most familiar left wing, he is against Spain’s Castro, Rashford has occupied advantages, he constantly uses the speed to impact opponents, and people seem quite confident. In the 15th minute, Rashford counterattacked the ball and passed it to Sterling. The timing of the ball was very accurate. Just not offside, Sterling easily scored.

Rashford a star for England but struggling with Mourinho 2
Rashford assisted Sterling goal

Although Rashford is role as a winger, his position changing with Kane and Sterling is relatively frequent. Kane sometimes retraced to get the ball, so Rashford will surprise their opponent in the penalty area, this move completely disrupted the Spanish defense. In the 29th minute, Harry Kane retraced the ball and Rushford dash into the penalty area from the left side. Kane sent a pass, and Rashford stopped the ball in the penalty area then faced his club’s teammate De Gea, Rashford scored a goal.

Rashford a star for England but struggling with Mourinho 3
Rashford scored

An assist and a goal from Rashford helped England get a 2-0 lead in half an hour. Rashford’s flexible running and super explosive power made the Ramos-based Spanish defense line exhausted. “Sky Sports” said: “The two extremely fast wingers of Rashford and Sterling have caused a lot pain for Spain. What is even more deadly is that they can form a good chemical reaction between them. ”

The struggling with Manchester United

It is not coincidence that Rashford perform well for England. On the last international match day, England’s 1-0 victory over Switzerland, Rashford scored the only goal. In England’s 1-2 loss to Spain, it was also him who scored the only goal for the Three Lions. In the last four games in England, Rashford scored 3 goals and 1 assists has become an important star for the national team.

Rashford a star for England but struggling with Mourinho 4
Mourinho cannot get the best out of Rashford

But what is puzzling is that Rashford is struggling with Manchester United and can’t even get enough playing time. This season, Rashford played for Manchester United 7 times, only 4 starts with a 1 goal. This efficiency is very different from that of the England team. But in fact, Rashford played the same position, so why is there such a big difference?

This is not a case. Like Manchester United’s Lukaku, Pogba, Rashford and other offensive players, they are often more likely to show high performance in the national team, but they are struggling in the club. Maybe Mourinho has to find a reason. ESPN’s reporter McCarthy said: “Seeing Rashford’s performance tonight, he is very lethal. If he can play in Manchester United, the Red Devils will not be so bad. Actually. On the other hand, Manchester United’s attacking strength is not bad. Martial, Rashford, Sanchez, Mata, Lukaku, and Lingard are all good players. The key is how to put them together.”


Rashford a star for England but struggling with Mourinho 5

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