Shame! Desperate Red Devil ravaged by Championship team

Shame! Desperate Red Devil ravaged by Championship team 1

Shame! Desperate Red Devil ravaged by Championship team, In the third round of the League Cup, Manchester United‘s home 2-2 draw against Derby County, defeated 7-8 in the penalty shootout and was eliminated. More desperate than the elimination, Manchester United did not occupy any advantage in the main scene against an English Championship team. If it wasn’t for Fellaini’s equaliser, Manchester United had lost at regular time.

Mourinho seems to have predicted the prospects of the team. He said that the game will draw at 90 minutes and continue with penalty kick, but Mourinho never expected that Manchester United turned out to be the first victim. This defeat, Mourinho has no reason, from the game Derby County deserve to be the winning side.

Manchester United had 14 shots in the game, only 4 shots on goal, and Derby County had 16 shots and 6 shots on goal. The possession rate of Manchester United is also only 47.5%, 5 percentage points behind the opponent. In the game, goalkeeper Romero and Grant, who came off the bench, had a very good save, especially the old goalkeeper Grant made a magical save in the 78th minute. He saved from Derby County in front of the post. Heading the ball, otherwise Manchester United will lose even more.

Shame! Desperate Red Devil ravaged by Championship team 2
Derby wasted a chance here

But in fact, Manchester United is not intended to give up the League Cup game. Judging from Manchester United’s starting lineup, they are all current players in the first team. No one has come from the youth team and not even one is on substitute bench. The conventional main forces such as Lukaku, Matić and Lingard are also the first selection. Martial, Mata and Ashley Young can also be said to be the main rotation players of the team. Such a lineup of main and substitute mixes should be said to be very competitive. But when the game kicked up, Manchester United was more like a Championship team than Derby.

After a three-minute lead, Manchester United began to squander opportunities. Mata missed a single-handed chance, and after Lukaku intercepted the opposing guard, the one-on-one goalkeeper turned the ball out of bounds. Frequently wasting opportunities, and finally let Manchester United pay a painful price, Wilson’s amazing free kick find the spot, Romero can only only see the ball into the net, after that Argentinian national handball at restricted area  was sent off, The Derbyshire, ranked 6th in the Championship league and in the 85th minute, the city gate again lost. Although Fellaini used his best header to pull Manchester United back from the line of death, but in the penalty shootout, Manchester United eventually lost.

Shame! Desperate Red Devil ravaged by Championship team 3
Another Derby nearly goal


Shame! Desperate Red Devil ravaged by Championship team 3


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