The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert

The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert 1

The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert

The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert. Real Madrid was drawn 1-1 with Athletic Bilbao and on that night too, Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored a goal in Serie A to help Juventus beat Sassuolo 2-1. From then until now, the situation of Ronaldo and Real Madrid seems to have changed dramatically. Juventus is almost invincible,  Ronaldo has made important contributions repeatedly; Real Madrid has encountered several obstacles, and even broke the team history for 8 consecutive hours without scoring, coach Lopetegui was fired after losing to Barcelona. In fact, Ronaldo’s outbreak was not unexpected, and Real Madrid’s sudden decline seems to be more telling. In fact, Ronaldo’s departure also took away his system.

The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert 2
Ronaldo’s Assist and Goals
The Ronaldo System ?  From the playing method, in the last few years of Real Madrid, Ronaldo has basically become a Terminator, the “leading team” attribute is not as obvious as Messi, it seems more dependent on the support of teammates. However, Juventus, whose overall strength is not as strong as Real Madrid, gave Ronaldo an opportunity to prove his ability to lead the team. That’s why, despite Ronaldo’s first three rounds of Serie A granules, most Juventus fans have not lost confidence in him – people waiting for to see the number of goals.
The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert 3
Where is his strength? This starts with the lineup problem that existed before Juventus. Before Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival, the zebra legion’s midfield advancement ability was seriously insufficient. The team’s overall passing level was not pure enough and the game pace was slow. This forced Ronaldo to return to the midfield to meet and score the ball, and last season’s center midfield Higuain also took on such a heavy task.  Ronaldo’s pass success rate of this season is as high as 88.2%. It is known that his data in Real Madrid’s career is only 81.6%; he averaged 1.7 threats per pass and is also the highest after 14-15. In other words, Ronaldo took on more co-ordination and ball-making tasks in the midfield and took on more missions to pass the threat in the front. He doesn’t do this well, but he doesn’t need to take care of it at Real Madrid.


The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert 4
Teammates inaccurate passing, Ronaldo chase it

When Ronaldo came to Juventus, the original point of view seemed to be that Juventus was expected to give Ronaldo enough support to try to make the new No. 7 focus on scoring tasks. Actually kicked up and found that Ronaldo is really good, the pass is really good. Even if it does not compete with Juve’s other attackers. At the beginning, some people said that Juventus was also the giant of the Serie A with seven consecutive championships and the Champions League three-year finals. It is not necessary for Ronaldo to force him to help him. That Ronaldo used his own efforts and performance on the field to prove that he is fully capable. Trust. Moreover, the current Ronaldo has not yet received the biggest release, because his iconic quick counterattack system has not yet been built in Juventus.

From the comparison of the activity hotspots of last season and this season, it can be seen that Ronaldo’s activities in Juventus are even larger, and there are many connections, intersperses and passes on both sides. Even so, Ronaldo’s average number of shots per game has reached the highest value in his career, and the number of shots in the threat zone and the overall quality of opportunity are also in the middle of life. The Portuguese superstar continues to demonstrate his historical level of attacking ability, such as the threat of balanced feet, quick kicks and forced kicks, grasping the chances of chance, quick and quick forward and running positions.. Three goals were scored, four goals were scored on the right foot, and various types of breaks were also made. With the expansion of the scope of the activity, there is such a high output.

The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert 5
Juventus midfielder Pjanic said: “Ronaldo gave us more confidence, let us believe that we can win every event we participate in.” For Juventus who is more accustomed to tempering opponents, Cristiano Ronaldo’s style of play is undoubtedly a strong stimulus, encouraging the team to constantly pursue offense and more goals. It is exaggerated to say that the Zebra Legion is not worthy of Ronaldo, but the degree of match between the team and Ronaldo’s determination is sometimes shaken at some point in the game. This is where Juventus is still improving, even though their events are currently 12 wins and 1 draw. With Ronaldo, seeing his performance in Juventus, the Zebra Legion’s performance in the Champions League was further raised.
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Real Madrid seems lost without him

Real Madrid are really lost now

There was such an analysis when Cristiano Ronaldo left, saying that if anyone can fill the vacancy that Ronaldo leave, he is as well the whole team. Indeed, Real Madrid has a top-notch overall configuration and strength, but in reality, anyone can shoot into a timeless spirit, but there is no center that can be relied upon. Real Madrid’s failure to score is not just a matter of grasping the opportunity, which in turn also shows that Ronaldo’s mission in Real Madrid is more than just a shot. It is as strong as Real Madrid to rebuild the attack system after Ronaldo left, and it is precisely because  Ronaldo took away a kind of palying style that Real Madrid used to. Does Real Madrid without Ronaldo are as strong as Barcelona without Messi? The views of the parties are different, but it is said that the loss of Ronaldo’s influence is not as structural as the loss of Messi, and it certainly underestimates the role of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s outstanding performance has also brought some kind of “halo” that belonged to Real Madrid to Juventus. Their Champions League win odds into the first group, and more and more views that they have a very realistic possibility of winning. After the introduction of Ronaldo, Juventus fans seem to believe that more heavy transfers can be successful, and the Champions League, which has been away for many years, is expected to be available. Of course, the Champions League is in a state of flux, and having Ronaldo does not necessarily mean winning. And I have to say that the season is still long, and now some praises and even touts are inevitable too early and too much.

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Let me show you some quality


The Ronaldo System Real Madrid have lost in the desert 8

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